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Me I created this blog after my first personal blog failed. I should have foreseen that, since I couldnt even write in my diary because my days don’t have much going on in them! So I decided since I wanted to blog still to do it over something I always have an opinion on or a want to share and this blog was “reborn”.

So because I could never keep up with multiple blogs I’m going to use this one blog to blog about multiple topics. They will all have their own category so I don’t drive people insane, and for now the topics I will blog about include:

Music: I always seem to find cool or old music and I want to share it. I figured if I started up a collection I could also go back and look through it when I felt like it too, which would save me time when I remembered a song and wanted to share it! I wanted people to be able to look at the music I post and remember it and go “WOW! I can’t believe I forgot” or find something new they love too. I listen to a tonne of music every day and I scrobble it to my Last.FM account.

Design: I’m really passionate about design and I LOVE new ideas and innovative thinking. I seem to always run into dilemmas where I need ideas for things or I’m interested in some particular element of design and no one has a blog about it. Or I just have a different opinion/idea and have the burning desire to share it. So I figure I’ll write my own blogs about it and hopefully people will read them and find them helpful!

Movies: I’m a movie buff. I cannot live without them, and I resent Netflix and Hulu for not working in Australia ;). I seem to watch movies more than all of my friends combined, and I start going crazy if I havent seen one in more than 2 weeks. It’s my life force, what can I say?

Graphics: I’m doing a graphic design diploma course this year so I’m going to learn and discover a lot of things about graphics and art. I get too excited about things I learn so I figured I’d need an outlet!

Advertising: Ultimately I want to be working on advertising and branding, but for now I’m just learning from blogs I read, my own experiences, and sometimes school. I like to post about effective and ineffective ads and offer my opinions on them.

Personal: I’ll have a small section for my own musing and bits, but it’s going to be pretty small like I said. And none of that “omg I’m so sorry I didnt update!” stuff blog owners do. That annoys the crap out of me. If I don’t post, I don’t post. I have school to worry about. I try to post to a calendar but sometimes that doesnt work out.

I always feel guilty when using free themes, since I consider myself a web designer, but I couldnt help it with this theme. It’s absolutely amazing! It has everything worked out for me and I can get to work producing content without worrying too much about it! Not to mention I’ve never themed for WP before, and I’m not ready to start just yet ;).

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