TAC Curtain Airbags

Advertisement – TAC Curtain Airbags

I didn’t┬áthink this ad was effective at first. It’s blatantly emotionally manipulative and for that reason I sort of rejected it…

Problem is it grew on me like some sort of virus incubating. Guess who’s going to ask about curtain airbags when she buys her first car?

Emotional advertisement works on striking emotional chords. In this case it’s probably fear and insecurity towards ending up like that, and towards being in a car without curtain airbags. It’s appealing to us in a not so nice way and sucking us into its way of thinking.

It grows on you because you get into a car almost every single day, or you go past a car, and they’ve planted a seed of doubt into your head as to whether that (or any) car is safe. Essentially they’ve brought a question to the table that you likely cannot answer and you’re faced with every day.

The seed grows and buds all through your mind and before you know it you’re hysterically clawing at your local mechanic screaming for curtain airbags. Well maybe not, but it could happen. See the advertisement here:

Checkout TAC’s Victoria (Australia) YouTube Channel.

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Adrian Malacoda
Adrian Malacoda
10 years ago

I’ll be honest; that ad scared me. I think i’m sufficiently motivated to make sure my car (when/if I do buy one) is safe enough for me.

Walter Leeds
Walter Leeds
10 years ago

I think it would be cheaper if you were to wear a helmet instead. Safety glasses would also be good in case the force of the impact completely your windows, you don’t want to poke you eye out. Also a mouth guard too so you don’t bight your tongue plus it will keep you from talking on the cell phone when driving.

Samuel jewell
Samuel jewell
10 years ago

i think this ad is funny

6 years ago

I know that getting into a car accident can really shake you up. I was once in a car accident and I was asleep when it happened. It was nothing too serious, just a car tapping the other car’s bumper. Though you can’t protect your self from every possible outcome of accidents. Things happen and all you can do is hope for the best.

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