My Artwork

Reaching Out

Art to me is not a hobby. It is a need. An expression. A cry for something. When I sit down to paint or draw I feel so good. The pencil or paintbrush just connexts with me in a way I can never truly describe. I feel free and at peace when I pick up a pencil. I feel like flying when I pick up a paintbrush. There are many unfinished works, but for the finished pieces, I hope you like them.

Unfortunately I don’t really have the time or inspiration to do art anymore. As sad as it is this section will likely die because of that. The only art I do now is writing, which is where my passion lies. You can view my artwork on DeviantArt and Creative Burrow, but here’s some things that aren’t really shared anywhere else from when I was just starting out :).

Some of my best from way back in the beginning…

Self Portraits…

Some Other Pieces