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Dawn of Justice (Batman v Superman) movie trailer

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Dawn of Justice (Batman v Superman) movie trailer
on: 10:23 pm Monday, August 31, 2015
Alright, here we are, posting about one of my favorite things - superheros!  :') DC has started to step up its game against Marvel, beginning with the recent Man of Steel movie.  Well, actually, the comeback really started with the Dark Knight trilogy but I think we've entered a new level with Zack Snyder's involvement since Man of Steel.  Batman v Superman is sort of a continuation of that movie, placing Bruce Wayne in Metropolis during one of the fights scenes from Man of Steel. 

As for how much I like the trailer ... let's just say that I got hooked for a while just watching, on Youtube, the reaction videos of people watching it for the first time.   :lol:

Here it is.  Watch it then vote in the poll!  Turn up the sound!

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Re: Dawn of Justice (Batman v Superman) movie trailer
Reply #1 on: 3:20 am Saturday, September 5, 2015
First time for everything, but I want to watch it!

But I am batman evil? Why doesn't he look like he did before in dark knight? I don't like this.

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Re: Dawn of Justice (Batman v Superman) movie trailer
Reply #2 on: 4:54 am Saturday, September 5, 2015
I love this. I'll even watch it just for Ben Affleck's acting ability though as he was really good on Gone Girl. I'm so happy that we're finally gonna see Wonder Woman on screen after so many years! Gal Gadot looks great as the Amazonian princess, her armor is really practical and suited for the times. Also, Superman. The holy trinity of comic book superheroes are gonna sell a lot of tickets...