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Title: I treated myself last night...
Post by: CoastalKitty on 3:46 am Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Even though I've had the Roku for a while, i hadn't even opened the paperwork that came with it. Inside, was not only the $5 Vudu coupon that I was aware of, but there's also a coupon for a free movie via GooglePlay. I'm saving that one, and maybe I'll use it to watch one of the movies I posted about in the thread about favorite movies I want to see, since I haven't seen any of those yet.

Since last night was Easter, I decided to treat myself and a friend to a movie that I had to actually pay for, other than with a Netflix or Hulu (or my cable, which I still have), so I broke out the Vudu coupon, once I determined that they had the movie we wanted to watch.

The ratings for the movie (Daddy's Home 2015) were around 6.5/10 on a few sites, but I don't always agree with critics or other viewers, so I rented the movie, and we enjoyed it. It was a comedy, and it did the job of making us laugh and keeping us entertained, which would have been worth the price, so it was even better since it was free. Here's the trailer, in case anyone would like to watch it.
Title: Re: I treated myself last night...
Post by: short.cake on 12:34 pm Monday, April 4, 2016
@CoastalKitty (;u=727)

LOL, I also watched Daddy's Home over Easter weekend! I had a free code for Redbox, so I was able to watch it for free too....which always makes it better!  ;)

I thought it was pretty entertaining, especially the 'motorcycle' scene and the ending. That's all I will say in case someone wants to watch it. But I definitely had a few laugh out loud moments watching this movie.

The new movie with Melissa McCarthy looks really funny too. I will treat myself to the movie at the theater once in a while on a Tuesday because a local theater here has $5 movies and free popcorn all day on Tuesdays. There is something about that delicious movie theater popcorn and watching a movie on the big screen that always makes the movie a good one, lol
Plus, the theater seats are big comfy recliners and the cup holder keeps your drink cold...the big problem is not to get too comfy that I fall asleep during the movie.  :snore:
Title: Re: I treated myself last night...
Post by: CoastalKitty on 4:59 am Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Yes, the motorcycle scene was funny. I also liked the dance off, and the part at the end when Mark Wahlberg's girlfriend's ex showed up was hilarious. Ah, I saw an ad for that the other night @short.cake. I think it's called Boss, or something similar to that, at any rate. I tend to like her movies. If I can ever get some new tires and figure out what the squealing noise in my car is, I might venture to the theater, but it's all the way across town, so for now I'm sticking to watching at home. I do love my movie theater popcorn (at the theater, not the home popped variety), but I made some in my air popper the other night, and it was tasty, as well.