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Miley Cyrus on SNL

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Miley Cyrus on SNL
on: 3:33 pm Monday, October 5, 2015
So, what did you think of Miley Cyrus hosting SNL this week? She gets a bad rap a lot, and probably for good reason. She is kind of 'out there' sometimes. Plus, I'm old and sometimes don't 'get' young people in general.  :oldwoman:

But, having said that, I have to say she did a pretty good job as both host and the singing performer. She is rather good as an actress. I have seen many big name 'actors' hosting before who did little more then read the cue cards and flub lines. She was pretty spot on in all of her skits.

Although I didn't understand her outfit and hair when she was singing, that girl has some chops on her. Even the song in her monologue was good. But when she was at the piano singing and had the pictures of her doggies (one passed on a short while ago), when she had tears, I had tears. It was an emotional song.

Miley is someone that people either love or hate. I personally think a lot of her 'craziness' is for show/attention. I've seen her in interviews before and I think she actually has a pretty smart head on her shoulders. For some reason, I can't hate the girl.

How do you think she did?