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top 10 movies: what are yours

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top 10 movies: what are yours
on: 8:46 am Friday, February 19, 2016
what are your top 10 movies.

and tell us why!

1. the fault in our stars:

like most romantic movies, this one has it's fair share of upsetting sceens.

however, it focusses on more than the cancer- and the negative side of the romance. it has some great commedy, some great acting, and you can take a lot away from it. puts things in to perspective

2. now is good

another movie about cancer, this time about a girl trying to get everything on her bucket list complete before she dies.

it has some romance as well, some great quotes, and like the fault in our stars, you can take stuff away from it.

3. shirley valentine

yet another romantic movie, about a girl who ends up having a holiday romance in griece.
i like this movie because it's short, it's fast paced, it's funny, and shirley's from liverpool (always liked that accent)

oh and the setting for the greek hotel is beautiful. makes you want to be their just looking at it

4. rocky balboa

this movie stands out obviously for the soundtrack, but also because it's such a feel good movie. from the beginning when they are watching the fight, right the way through to when he's fighting in the ring, this one's a good one to lift your spirits

5. big daddy

i personally would love to slap this kid. but the reason i chose it to be in my top 10 is because of him.

the kangaroo song sceen will always stand out, as will the other antics he gets up to

6. the lion king

a true disney classic, and the first disney movie i ever watched

chose it because of the soundtrack, and because i love simba. he's just so cute. i always feel so sorry for him, running away from the land he knew (i also have a cuddly simba, mufasa, scar, and nala!)

7. home alone 2: lost in new york

this has to be the best movie from the home alone series. i like it because even though it has a christmas feel to it, you can watch it anytime of the year- and still feel like it's christmas

8. nim's island

another family movie, chosen for the reason it has someone agoraphobic in it (like myself), and it kept you guessing (i liked how at the end it wasn't who she thought was coming to rescue her)

9. E.T

need i say anything about this  movie

true classic from start to finish

10. the wizard of oz

like E.T, true classic.

and the ending is wonderful