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What movies have you watched that were just a complete waste of your time?

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Have you ever watched a movie and sat there afterward thinking that you will never get that hour and a half back, and you could have been doing something interesting, like cleaning the bathroom instead?  Well I just got that experience twice in the same week, which is what inspired the question here.  I'm thinking I'm not the only one with a list of movies that are SO BAD they don't even rate as "good" bad movies.

My two contenders for the moment are Disaster L.A. which was somehow also listed as Apocalypse L.A.  I'm not sure why, but the title change didn't rescue the basic awfulness of the premise, the acting, the makeup, or the script.  The setup is that comets hit L.A. which release spores that float on smoke or fog and when breathed in cause the victim to become a zombie.  A group of friends get caught at an apartment after a night of partying and decide to collect the missing members of their group and get out of the city.  They then embark on a trip out of the area that is so poorly planned and clueless that you almost feel sorry for the poor actors.  But after the first five or six completely idiotic moves, you start wishing for them to become zombie kibble faster so the movie will be done.  Seriously, what people go out into a zombie infested city without anything resembling a weapon, get attacked by zombies (big surprise) and DON"T GET WEAPONS?  It is pretty generic stock plot from there, a bunch of people die, someone selflessly sacrifices himself so the guy and girl love interests can finally escape.  The guy and girl escape to breed and make the gene pool shallower.  Yawn.

The second awful movie of my week was Gothic.  This surprised me as it had Julian Sands being his creepy self as Percy Shelley and the usually great Gabriel Byrne as Lord Byron.  I get that the movie was supposed to evoke a drug induced hallucinatory terror that prompted Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein, but it mostly was disjointed.  The plot, what existed of it, was that Byron was a somewhat sadistic, manipulative, jerk who pushed people to the limits of, and then out of their comfort zones and society's norms.  The sets were great, the costuming was great, the acting was good, except there wasn't much for the actors to work with.  Between trying to decide if there was actually a plot I kept wondering when it was going to be over.  I guess that pretty much says it all for my experience watching this movie.

Yes, I know I could have just turned them off and gone and cleaned the bathroom, but after a certain point it is like I have something invested and just need to see the end.  Or something.

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Watch The Haunting of Bryan Becket. Completely pointless, made me SO MAD.

Also Melancholia. Oh my god. Pointless. So mad. So much rage.
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There is one movie that I wished that I had not watched in the first place and it was Three or Survivor Island and it had Billy Zane and Kelly Brook in it, who are marooned on an island with a third guy and had a pointless plot. The voodoo part done by the third guy's ex does not make any sense and also we don't get to like any of the characters as the husband is paranoid, and jealous and the wife believes she has to survive even if it means killing or doing anything. The movie has some weird moments like Kelly Brook loses her top and get's it back, and the husband is someone who acts like he is a mighty guy and wealthy and the Spanish guy is kind of a hero but what happens is due to circumstances from what I saw occur in the movie. If I was the husband I would not have acted that jealous and seemed like the husband was being used by the voodoo women, to get revenge on the ex boyfriend.

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Don't beat me up, guys....

I could not stand the movie Titanic ...I know, right? I was so incredibly bored with this movie that I felt like I lost 3 or 25 hours (I don't know how long it was, about 25 hours, right?) of my life. I got pressured into seeing it because it was 'the movie' to see. Ugghhhhhh.

All I know is...I couldn't stand it, and it was a total waste of my time. If I come across it playing on tv, I can't change the channel fast enough.  :cantlook:

There, I said it.

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Honestly, The Hunger Games seemed like a huge waste of time. I didn't get all the hype about it, then my friend made me watch it, and I still didn't get it. Then my teacher made us watch it in class, and it was just about as amusing as it was when I watched it the first time, which wasn't awfully amusing.

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Ugh the newest Jurassic World movie -.- It was so hyped and you know how it broke the record for box office sales, but it was just so garbage and full of inconsistencies that I was laughing through half the movie.

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Oh Lord, shortcake! I hated Titanic as well! It was so over the top impossible! It didn't make me just made me sick! I guess my all-time loathings are reserved for ANYTHING starring Johnny Depp, except Pirates of the Caribbean! I have never found his acting to be worth anything, and all his movies are so stupid, except that series. Sorry all you Depp fans.  XD

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Oh Lord, shortcake! I hated Titanic as well! It was so over the top impossible! It didn't make me just made me sick! I guess my all-time loathings are reserved for ANYTHING starring Johnny Depp, except Pirates of the Caribbean! I have never found his acting to be worth anything, and all his movies are so stupid, except that series. Sorry all you Depp fans.  XD

Oh, bless you, honey! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this 'timeless love story' was painful and endless! I didn't cry once watching it either....that doesn't make up heartless monsters, right!  (6)  LOL.

As far as Johnny Depp, I can take him or leave him. I've never made it a point to watch a movie BECAUSE he was in it. I guess I don't get the appeal of him.

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Johnny Depp

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I didn't really like the trylogy Twilight, it was too shallow and the action was only about Bella's romance with a vampire, nothing interesting. The books were better.

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There was a brief time in my life where I thought that I was missing out on horror movies. I mean, all my friends loved scary movies while I'm sat watching on my couch with boxes of tissues, watching chick-flicks. So, I tried watching "Cabin in The Woods"; the movie trailers played everywhere on tv. So, I went to store and bought the DVD. Sat through 1 or 2 hours with okay content and then the ended was the worst thing. Made me extremely mad and highly disappointed.

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I just watched the new Fantastic Four movie and it was complete garbage. It didn't make me feel anything and the dialogue + storyline was so unbelievable I can't believe someone okay'd the budget for this. Also that last Twilight movie frustrated me to hell. ALL THE DEATHS WEREN'T REAL.

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Re: What movies have you watched that were just a complete waste of your time?
Reply #12 on: 11:01 am Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Say what now? 0o0 How can y'all not like Titanic? I guess some of us feel love different. :gum: One that was totally pointless was the remake of Fantastic Four, I mean the first two where good but this remake, I haven't even watched it.. :blink: anyhow Titanic is in my top ten. with The Pirates of the Caribbean, and Transcendence in the first nine (A) Now if you want to watch a really good funny saga try, Smokey and the Bandit all three, they have bad words and maybe offensive to some, :/ but it was filmed in the 80's right when I turned 21, :X  ;P

The one that was totally a waste was of time was The Duff -.-

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To be honest, I tend not to do this, because if I'm not into a movie after about 20 minutes then I turn it off. Life's too short for bad movies in my opinion! I did, unfortunately, find myself at the cinema a couple of years ago, watching Oblivion, the sci-fi movie with Tom Cruise in it. Lord a'mighty - that was a bad film. ! I don't know if it was bad because I didn't get it, or it was just BAD. Either way, that's two and a half hours of my life I won't get back!

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Sometimes you think a movie is the greatest though and then you get to the end and it's like "WHAT DID THEY DO?!" and you want to shake them for destroying the movie!

The Haunting of Bryan Becket is like that....just when it gets good and things start making sense they roll the credits.

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Hot Pursuit, starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara I was really looking forward to seeing it - both actresses have given great comedic performances, in Legally Blonde and Modern Family. The script was awful, none of the characters were likeable, and it repeated the same unfunny gags several times. The movie was not only a waste of my time, but also a waste of Miss Witherspoon and Miss Vergara's talent.

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Interstellar, the entire second Star Wars trilogy and anything at all with Adam Sandler or Owen Wilson in it.  And, just for the record, I was also BITTERLY disappointed in the second Avengers movie.

Jurassic World, however, although severely derivative, wasn't actually too bad.

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The one movie that comes to mind for me with such a question is definitely Catwoman (the one Halle Berry starred in). The plot was incomprehensible and the cinematography was especially painful for me, giving me one of the worst headaches I'd ever had up to this very day.(I think I was rooting for the villain at the end in my headache-fueled desperation for the movie to end.) It was really too bad, because I like Halle Berry and this was the first movie that came out with her after she won the Oscar for Monster's Ball...

@truespock: watching the second Star Wars trilogy convinced me that George Lucas should have left Star Wars alone (and never write romance). Remembering those movies makes me hesitant to watch the upcoming one.

@Alundra: "WHAT DID THEY DO?!" = that is my reaction to many M. Night Shyalaman films. (And why I stopped watching them after Signs; The Sixth Sense was nice, though.)

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Signs scared the crap out of me at like 14. Seriously that movie is bloody scary ha ha.

Hot Pursuit

Damn, I remember wanting to watch that one!

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i think the worst movie i've ever seen is grand tarino

i mean why bother making it... it was horrible