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funny story thread
on: 9:51 pm Saturday, January 30, 2016
this thread is for all those times in your life... well, the funny times, the laugh out loud moments. share them here.

i'll start:

my sister, michelle, like me.. she loves listening to the radio

1 day she called me up and told me that shakespeare's sister's song, stay, was on the radio

she's like, oh emily, i love this song!. i wish i could have it on my IPOD

i told her, well, you have a computer, and you know how to download. you should get the song

she told me she couldn't, and asked me to get the song for her

i asked, why not?. you have youer computer?. you have the ability to download. you know the song.. what's stopping you from getting it?

long pause..

she then said to me, well... i can't get it. i don't know how to spell shakespeare

did i laugh or did i laugh

at the time that was hilarious, and today it still is. nothing google couldn't have fixed

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another one (also involving michelle)

as you know, when you're against the clock, you don't have long to think about answers to questions

case in point

we were playing a board game of the game show, the chase.

it was the round where you had to build up cash, and had 60 seconds to answer the questions, and it was me asking the questions

i asked, ihn the charles dickens novel, who says, baaa humbug?

without any hesitation, michelle said, oh, that's charles dickens

after the laughter had subsided, a light dawned on her and she's like.. oh, i was meant to say screwdge. oops.

fun times

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1 more for now.

this involves my nan (the one who's currently in hospital)

so, my friend tracey went to visit her yesterday, and she callled me last night to tell me how she was doing.

me: so, how is she?

tracy : well, i stayed for lunch at the hospital. we went to dinner and i said to nan, sit down at the table... we're going to eat fish and chips

so i asked, how many people at the table?

she said.. oh about 8 residents from her ward, and some other people too.

she apparently had told nan to sit next to another resident, and she wouldn't do it

when i asked her why,

she told me... she said, in front of everyone sitting down for dinner

no, i don't know who these people are. i don't want to eat here

embarrassing but funny!
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