Minecraft Builds: Castle Alundran

So today I’m showing my castle so far, in hopes that someone may say something to inspire me to build on it again cause I kind of ran out of ideas….So I’m in need of fresh ideas! 😀

It’s not perfect and needs a lot of work. It’s extremely plain too, so would really love ideas. Sorry about the lag in some parts…I re-shot this video about 4 times and this is the best I got. No idea why!

The texture pack I use is an edited version of Soartex Fanver.

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6 years ago

I like the cows. If you were going to make a village maybe you could make a petting zoo type of thing for the cows? I also wondered if you could make a swimming pool on top of the roof of the castle or turn it into some type of lounge area so you can relax and watch the baby cows or something.

6 years ago

Penning up the cows sounds like a good idea. Also pigs. If you install the fertilizer mod, the cows and pigs would be much more useful. You could make a rooftop garden and grow crops and turn the castle into a self-sustaining structure. Springing a bunch of traps to keep the pesky endermen away might be good too. Same goes for Golems and Dispenser turrets.

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