Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At?

Basement Jaxx Released in 2001, this is probably still the most disturbing music video ever. Unlike most of the other music I’ve posted this one wasnt a chart topper! It was however, the bands first non dance single to hit the charts, coming in at #39.

Basement Jaxx is a house music duo from the UK, and they named themselves after the night club they were regulars at. They’ve been popular since the late 90s and you’ve probably heard their music at dance/techno clubs or in DJ mixes. A couple of artists and DJs have remixed their music too, especially this song.

I think the song was probably a stab at evolution and the whole “put a monkey behind a typewriter” thing that was a fad back then. Of course, I could be wrong, this song doesnt have much information on it out there.

The YouTube version doesnt give it much love, it sounds much better from iTunes.

You can find out more about Basement Jaxx on Last.FM.

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