Cake Short Skirt Long Jacket

Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket

While this song didnt exactly make it to the top of the charts, it’s one we’ve all heard and remember. Well, most of us have heard it.

Released in 2001, the official music video is made completely of people listening to the music and commenting on it. It’s funny and interesting to watch their reactions as you listen, and definitely an “out there” approach to a music video.

Essentially the song is about an ideal fantasy woman. There’s debate online over whether this is someone who’s been partying all her life and is now maturing and getting ready to settle down, or whether it’s someone who’s daring enough to wear a short skirt, but modest enough to wear a long jacket, or someone who’s working and maturing but still know’s how to have fun (get up early, stay up late). Sort of like a woman with two sides. There’s also debate as to whether it’s about a prostitute (someone wearing a long jacket and short skirt looks like she’s naked underneath).

Cake has many songs, and while this isnt the most popular it’s probably the most well known and quoted.

You can find out more about Cake on Last.FM. Don’t forget to check out the official video.

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6 years ago

I discovered Cake about 10 years ago. I attended Lollapalooza 2005 in Chicago and had the pleasure of seeing them perform live. This song has always been very catchy. However, I’m not sure if I have ever thought too deep about the meaning of this song. I just always figured guys would find a girl wearing a short skirt and long jacket interesting. I feel like for most guys, a girl walking down the street wearing this would catch their attention. Either way, I’m glad folks are still listening.

6 years ago

The girl is so cute! I think the meaning if this song has a few interpretations to it and that’s what makes talking about this song so much fun. Thanks for introducing me to Cake because they are an interesting group.

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