Chumbawamba – Tubhumping

Released in 1997, this is apparently their best hit so far! People commonly call it “I get knocked down” but it is called Tubhumping. Chumbawumba is an English anarchist band that pretty much rebels against any form of authority (or restraint) they can, which is evident in their name. Who the hell calls themselves Chumbawamba? And for that matter…Tubhumping?

They do claim on their official website that their name is a gibberish name because they didnt want to “expire”. They felt other bands names would grow old and date and they didnt want to be tied down. In that sense, it’s the perfect name for them!

Regardless, they seem to be doing something right because they’ve been around since 82 and are still producing albums and going on tours. I dunno about you, but I love this song!

You can find out more about Chumbawamba on Last.FM.

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Alan Call
10 years ago

I’ve genuinely enjoyed studying your content. You certainly know what that you are talking about! Your internet site is so effortless to navigate also, I’ve bookmarked it in my favourites 😀

6 years ago

Ah, this song brings back so many memories. We used to crank it up and cruise around town singing at the top of our lungs. Then when the song got to the sweet and soft part, we would crank it up louder. I REALLY like it when a song from the past comes on the radio ad brings me right back to the good memories of high school. I always send my friend (my “partner” in crime) a text containing a few of the lyrics from the song, and she replies with some more of the lyrics. Good times. Thank you for brining back the memories, music has had such a positive effect on my life.

6 years ago

I understand why they would name themselves the way they did. But boy oh boy who thought this up? And you must be right Alundra, they must be doing something right to still be around.

5 years ago

I always loved this song. The irony in this artist and their song is that they sung about getting back up after being hit down. After they fell off the charts, (after making it up there with this song) they never made it back up there! Nonetheless, this song brings back heaps of cheesy cringy memories! Keep up the good work, I have bookmarked this site since I think you’re content is so well thought out and orderly.

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