Denis Leary

Denis Leary – Asshole

Denis Leary Released in 1993 about the stereotypical American Male, this song became a hit in Australia, particularly among teens (who presumably werent as offended by the name as their parents). What am I saying?! OF COURSE it became a hit in Australia, it’s pure genius!

Denis Leary is an Irish-American who’s made it well for himself as a comic and an actor. He’s known for biting humour and chain smoking, which I don’t normally support but it’s who he is and I couldnt picture him any other way. I love this song because of its bluntness, video, and lyrics!

You can find out more about Denis Leary on Last.FM.

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6 years ago

When you are young you have no problem being blunt with your thoughts. That is probably why teens never had a problem with the song but the parents did. I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older it’s all about sugar coating things or saying something that is not so nice and making it nice or having to resort to euphemism. Though sometimes you have to be frank and I don’t always have a nice way of saying things that are not so nice. That doesn’t mean Im insensitive but that I expect you to have some type of backbone if you reallly want to know how I feel on some things.

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