Earth, Wind and Fire – Let’s Groove

EWF First released in 1981, if you heard this song it was probably from a distance or in a movie and had stuck in your head all day. It didnt have much exposure but managed to reach the top of the charts in the US and UK, and many bands who covered it have gotten it to the top of the charts and much more exposure.

The band itself is pretty accomplished. They started out as the Salty Peppers and when that didnt work out they renamed themselves. They have been complimented with changing the sound of black pop, and they were the first black performers to headline around the world without an opening act!

They have a lot more achievements and firsts to their name too. They still tour and record today but one of the members has Parkinson’s Disease and only sings on recordings.

You can find out more about Earth, Wind & Fire on Last.FM.

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