Garbage – Cherry Lips

Garbage Not too old a song, being released in 2002, Cherry Lips is one of those songs you remember but can’t quite recall the words for. Or you remember the awesome video clip. Garbage is a Scottish-American alternative rock band from the 90’s (where all the good bands come from) and this single was one of their many chart toppers.

There’s debate online whether the song is about a cross dresser, transvestite, or if it’s about a character from a book. I’ll leave it to you to join in with the debate, but according to fans Garbage confirmed it was inspired by JT LeRoy’s book Sarah.

The lead singer, Shirley Manson, used to be bullied a lot in school because she had red hair and big eyes. I think those kids were insanely jealous because I know I am, the woman is beautiful!

You can find out more about Garbage on Last.FM.

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