Music Madness!

Jade I just wanted to do a small update to talk about my Music Madness section! I’m having a blast with it so far and I’ve noticed some things, from new and old music alike, and I thought I’d share them because you might not have noticed.

I know there’s only been like 13 songs so far, but even still I’ve learned quite a bit and revisited some old favourites!

Things I’ve noticed and learned from the Music Madness section:

  1. Bands literally come from everywhere, and every walk of life
  2. Almost every band has a first
  3. Bands have interesting starts: it’s either lucky, chance, simple, or slow
  4. Sometimes it takes a few tries and albums to get famous
  5. Most bands have a reason for their name
  6. Most bands sing about things that accurately reflect their bands personality or history
  7. A garage band can one day be big if they’ve got the stuff
  8. Bands should be very careful with their contracts, or they could end up penniless!

I think this section was a great idea, and there’s tonnes of music coming. As I speak there’s 70 songs lined up to be posted so stay tuned!

Some highlights include: Villiage people, No Mercy, Alphaville, R. Kelly, The Kinks, U2, Eurythmics, Coldplay, and much much much more!

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6 years ago

As someone who has followed several local bands in their hometown, I find the music scene very interesting. I’m from Cincinnati and one of my favorite bands broke up about a year back. They had put out several albums and had a very strong local following. They had a fun indie-pop sound that I feel was very catchy. They also spent time touring around the US. It does suck when one of your favorite bands seems to be doing all the right things and yet it doesn’t work out. However, I will remember all of their shows and the friends I made through them fondly.

6 years ago

I believe sometimes it is luck that a band goes huge. Even then, that is no guarantee that a band will stay together forever. The Beatles is what I like to think of. Though there music is still influencing us no matter the generation. Lots of games are making money based on famous bands like Guitar Hero.

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