Nouvelle Vague/Bauhaus – Bela Lugoisi’s Dead

Originally released by Bauhaus in 1979, Nouvelle Vague covered the song in 2006.

Bauhaus made the song originally, way back when, with a gothic rock sound. It’s a dark song written about Béla Lugosi, who played Dracula in the 1924 broadway play and the 1931 film. Its darkness only added to its appeal. And with that bit of trivia you can say “Ahh, Dracula!” When ever anyone mentions this song and effectively out nerd everyone in the room! Glad to be of service.

This song was Bauhaus’ first single, and is considered the first gothic rock record released. It’s been used in many productions from movies to talk shows and is considered one of their greatest hits! Not bad for their first single!

Nouvelle vague covered the song in 2006 and made it slower, smoother, and more sultry. I personally like Nouvelle Vague’s version better, but I can appreciate the original too. I really love the echo effect Bauhaus uses, and I sort of wish Nouvelle Vague used something similar. Which do you like better? Leave me a comment to let me know!

You can find out more about the Nouvelle Vague on Last.FM, and you can also find Bauhaus on Last.FM.

Bauhaus’ version (original):

Nouvelle Vague’s version (cover):

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6 years ago

I actually like the new version over the original. It is interesting that a female voice was used when in the original it was a man. I wonder if that plays into why I like the newer version of the song.

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