Queen – Bohemian Rapsody

Queen Here’s a song everyone’s probably heard at least once. Released in 1975, Bohemian Rapsody is one of those songs that clings to the top of the charts…it even came back to number one following Murcury’s death (Lead singer) and is now the UK’s third best selling single of all time!

Today it’s still one of the most well known Queen songs out there, along with We are The Champions and Another One Bites the Dust. It’s actually pretty amazing it’s still around and so popular today considering it’s from the 70’s. It has a very timeless sound to it which is probably why.

There’s a tonne of debate about whether or not the lead singer Mercury was gay. He had an affair with a male record executive at Elektra Records, and he died with his male partner beside his bed, rumored to be wearing his partners wedding ring when he died. Then again he’s had relationships with women too, and calls one of them (his best friend) the love of his life. He’s an acknowledged Bisexual according to Wikipedia, which I guess means you can’t call him a homosexual since he had relationships with both sexes and since he never admitted either way we have to choose a label.

Regardless of his sexuality and our need to label everything, he was definitely and awesomely flamboyant! And that’s why we loved him and his music.

You can find out more about Queen on Last.FM.

There’s also one where he sings alone live on YouTube

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Queen = epic happiness 😀