Seal – A kiss from a rose

Seal Released in 1994, and used in Batman Forever (1995), this song is one of those romantic hits that’s really deep, and makes saps cry.

He’s traveled with several bands and groups before making it on his own. A lot of people wonder about the scarring on his face and assume it has to do with something that happened in Africa, however it’s due to Discord Lupus. It’s something that’s horrible to have and makes just going outside a nightmare for some people. It also never goes away.

But that doesnt make him any less hot, he’s married to German supermodel Heidi Klum and they have 3 kids!

This song is close to many saps around the world, and it’s a personal favourite for its meaning and deepness. The following clip is from the batman soundtrack.

You can find out more about Seal on Last.FM.

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6 years ago

I remember this song from childhood. I never knew this song was in a batman movie. Though to me batman doesn’t come across as romantic, like ever. He is always alone, except for his butler Alfred. Thanks for the background info on Seal. I never knew about his condition but he hasn’t let it get in the way of having a good life and good family.

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