Snap! – The Power

Snap! This song was released the year after I was born, 1990, and I remember listening to it a few times as I grew up and even as a teenager…So this is definitely a great song we’ve probably forgotten about.

The information on the band is interesting, especially behind this song. Apparently they mashed a bunch of songs/chords/ideas together and were threatened by other artists with legal action over it. However, they did something right because it went up the charts and became the first rap single to top the charts (well, maybe in Germany, I’m not sure about elsewhere)! This song is used a lot in techno and trance remixes, so you may have heard the “I’ve got the power!” line in other music. In fact, I originally remembered it as “you’ve got the power!”

You can find out more about Snap! on Last.FM.

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