Sonique – It Feels So Good

Released at the end of 1998, and again in 2000, this song is still selling copies each year. It reached pretty high in the charts after its second release and was the first British Female Solo Artist to be number 1 in the charts for 3 consecutive weeks since Kate Bush in 1978!

Sonique has a very interesting climb to fame. Originally she had her heart set on sports, and only turned to music when that fell through. She spentĀ a stretch of time trying to start a Reggae band and dancing in clubs while homeless, and was fortunate enough to get a solo record deal as that fell through.

She learned to DJ with her friends and combined her amazing voice with her new electronic talents. She would make up vocals on the spot to go with her music, which was never before seen and much loved in the club atmosphere.

This song was written about a guy Sonique liked many years ago who didn’t reciprocate. He thought she was in love with his success because she was not as successful as him, so she wrote this song to show him it had nothing to do with his success.

This is still her most loved song on Last.FM, which is where you can find out more about her.


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6 years ago

I swear you made me have a flash back. I remember hearing this on the radio many years ago. I never knew the name of the song or the artist so I’m glad I found it here. This is like uncovering a lost gem. I never knew this lady was once homeless but I’m glad she didn’t give up on herself.

5 years ago

Dang, Sonique! Killin it! Those vocals are really something else. I love a voice where I’m just taken to another place… Sonique’s is like that. I agree with the previous poster… it has been so long since I heard this song and just got reminded of jamming ages ago. Nothing like a good throwback.

5 years ago

I saw her perform live back in November 2014 at a Halloween party.
The talent and energy she had that night was amazing.
I think a few of us were close to passing out with getting all hot in our costumes while jumping around

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