My Poetry

Hidden Messages

Writing to me is not a hobby. It’s a passion. It’s something that lets my thoughts expose themselves, and my heart shine through where other art could not. It’s something that allows me to be forward yet hidden; filled with emotion yet composed.

I love poetry because words are easier to manipulate than particles of pigment or graphite, and that allows me to focus on my message as much as my technique. I started out with art but I soon found writing to be more expressive and more rewarding, so I switched from one to the other. I also find writing incredibly sexy to read because of the rhythms and patterns it naturally has, and the meanings that can be drawn from behind it. It’s just a great thing.

All of the poetry currently resides on Creative Burrow or Awesome Crazy. By clicking a link you will be taken to the forum to view it. You can comment on it too (which you definitely should because once Australia gets electricity I’ll get it).

Dedicated Poetry

Sometimes someone inspires me, or stirs something inside me and I have to direct a message at them, or it’s because of them that a poem came into being. What ever the reason, these poems are dedicated to someone. Some of them use an alias to keep the person it’s dedicated to private.



My Rock

The one with the Dragon

The Mature One






Love Poetry

Sometimes I write about love without dedicating the poem to anyone. Of course, they’re usually still inspired by one or more people.

Depressing Poetry

Like all people I’ve experienced moments of sadness, and like some I’ve experienced depression. In those moments I used my feelings as inspiration and created art.

Content Poetry

Where there’s darkness there’s also light. These poems are written when I was in an emotionless or content state of mind, and mostly reflect that.

Other Poetry

Everything else that doesn’t really have its own category.

Happy Poetry

Religious Poetry

Erotic Poetry

Other Poetry