Water Nymph

Photoshop – Water Nymph Tutorial

I made a simple tutorial on creating a water nymph for my course and figured I should share it here!

My main goal in this tutorial was to make the woman look like she was made of ice and had the power to manipulate water.

I also wanted to create depth, and make it somewhat believable. It’s a pretty quick tutorial that can be done in 30 minutes, and the technique can be used on other images as well. Just because the tutorial ends doesnt mean you have to stop, you can continue to enhance the work too, adding more effects as you like.

I designed the tutorial as a PDF, so I’ve made it available to be downloaded instead of rewriting it here. I’ve also linked to the files that I would normally include in the package.

The final product looks like this. A smaller image (which does it no justice) is below:

Water Nymph

Get the tutorial here.

The source images can be found here, but easily substituted if you want to use something different:
BigBubbles.png (I rotated mine 90 degrees CCW).
Bubbles.png (I flipped mine vertically).

If you use this tutorial, or do something different with it, link me to your work so I can take a look!

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Walter Leeds
Walter Leeds
9 years ago

Looks very good.

5 years ago

This looks fabulous. I have been wanting to learn how to use photo shop to touch up the pictures on my phone. The pics come out OK but it will never compare to a professional camera obviously. If I was able to use photoshop, I could get rid of glares and imperfections.

5 years ago

This looks great! However, I haven’t learned (even the basics!) of Photoshop. I installed it once before, but I just couldn’t get the hang of all the tools. I really want to learn it since I’m into art (paintings, sketches, doodles) but I want to take it to the next level and try graphic art. Any suggestion on how I can self-study Photoshop? Do you recommend any reference books/websites? Thanks a lot!

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