Minecraft: Keep your animals in their pens, even on servers!

I searched high and low for a solution for keeping my animals inside fences, but I found none. My friend Eric suggested I try encasing my mobs in glass but when I tried that they got stuck IN the glass.

Determined to keep my animals enslaved I experimented with possible solutions and found one…and this is it.

This solution works with all mob types (but if you want to use pigs, cows, or sheep, you will want to make the pen 4 times the size). So now you know how to keep your animals in their pens and fences!

The texture pack I use is an edited version of Soartex Fanver.

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6 years ago

I’m glad you were able to find some type of solution for the chicken. At least with the glass it is see through so you can see how the chicken were doing. I wasn’t too sure about the pit idea though. Unless you were able to put some type of ramp down when ever you wanted the chickens to come out. Then remove the ramp when they are all in the pit again.

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