Corona – Rhythm of the night

Corona First released in 1993 this was Corona’s debut single, an instant hit which stayed at number one in Italy for 13 weeks! It wasnt released elsewhere until a year later though…but we still love it!

Corona is not the name of the person you see dancing, but the name of the “music project”. The person dancing is Olga Souza, a model, who lip synced their songs. I’m not sure if this went down well or not, but they’ve taken two hiatus’ and changed their name to Corona X and then back again so maybe it was a little more controversial than expected.

As far as I’m concerned, good music is good music, whether it’s lip synced by a model or not. I might get upset if they tried to do that at a concert, but not on CD/Radio. If people shunned them because they wanted a pretty face to represent them then that’s pretty shallow in my opinion. That said, it’s pretty obvious she’s lip syncing.

You can find out more about Corona on Last.FM.

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6 years ago

“That said, it’s pretty obvious she’s lip syncing.”

OK….But people in ALL music videos are lip synching (with the exception of a few live concert ones here and there). Even if it’s the original artist, they’re certainly not going to be doing one take after another while singing live and dancing and doing whatever else the video requires, and somehow come out sounding exactly like the recording. There’s absolutely no reason why anybody would assume the person miming the song in the video ISN’T the original artist; most people would just assume they’re a bad lip syncher.

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