Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing

Hot Chocolate Released in 1975, this song makes us realize there was some pretty cool music way back then!

This song happens to be a song that had very low expectations and was put on the B side of a cassette (where all the crap songs go apparently). It fought back and now it’s the most well known Hot Chocolate song!

They had ties to Apple Records, which was created by The Beatles, because they tried to release a Beatles song without permission. It turned out that John Lennon really liked their reggae version of his song and signed them up!

Originally called The Hot Chocolate Band, it was later shortened to just Hot Chocolate by RAK Records (who they signed up with after Apple disbanded). I always thought maybe it was a statement about their skin colour and being awesome, but I discovered it wasnt anything nearly as planned!

There’s no video clip for this, being so old, but there is a live recording that sounds as good as the original!

You can find out more about Hot Chocolate on Last.FM.

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