Mademoiselle – Do you love me

Mademoiselle Released in 2001, this song is one of those songs you watch on MTV and love the video. Then you forget about it. Kinda like that video clip of the men dancing on treadmills.

Mademoiselle seems to be one of those bands who record at home and are mostly under ground. There’s not much information on them out there. They’re based in Paris and they’re an electronic group.

Unfortunately, since I couldnt find out much interesting about them this is pretty shor – Look! Their picture has nipple!

You can find out more about Mademoiselle on Last.FM.

(Warning: Clip is a little loud)

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I have never heard about this group before so I clicked on the clip to check it out. I gotta give props to the dude playing cupid. I thought the dancing was pretty funky, in a good way. This is definitely a nice change of pace to the booty shaking videos out and about these days. This video was fun to watch and would watch again.