Madonna – Ray of Light

Madonna Released in 1998, this is barely a blast in the past but it’s still one of those songs that you remember but not quite.

Madonna decided she wanted to inject her music with some new ideas and picked trance and electronic sounds to do just that. I think she had WAY too much fun with this video, it’s like some sort of drug induced trip in parts.

Originally, the album was to be called The Drowned World, and it was worked on by several people alongside Madonna. The first person she worked on it with was someone she’d worked with previously, but she didnt like the direction the music was headed in so she scrapped the lot. She wanted something new and fresh and I think she achieved it.

The album was called her most adventurous album yet, and claimed to be the music masterpiece of the decade! She’s still hitting the top lists for this album today!!

You can find out more about Madonna on Last.FM.

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