More Organised

A little more organised

Messy Room Anyone who’s seen my room in the past knows just how much stuff I can fit into a wardrobe, under a bed, and all of the other “hiding places” offered in a home.

If you’ve lived with me the phrase “clean your room” is one you probably don’t want to utter, unless you want my room to look like a bombs hit it before it gets clean. My idea of cleaning a room is to pull everything out and sort through it, then pack it away neatly… effectively making it look like I threw a tantrum at being asked to clean up. The picture on the left speaks a thousand words.

Recently I moved house, and I didnt have as much space as before. I did, however, manage to tidy some things and have a little fun with it…

Wardrobe 1

This is my clean closet now. Beforehand all of my things were just tossed into the crates willy nilly, and I had six more boxes of stuff. I’ve eliminated four boxes, and 2 crates, and pretty much organised everything else. I still have some sorting to do yet but it’s a lot neater and more organised.

Wardrobe 2

This picture cuts out my school bag and the HUGE suitcase I’m using to put socks and things in until I get a chest of drawers, but it shows how awesomely my stuff is stacked!

Wardrobe 3

This picture is a close up. My labeling may be a little silly, but it made it a lot of fun and I worked faster so I could write a smartassed comment on a piece of tape and put it on the box…so I think it was quite an effective way to label things. I also know what’s in each one, so it’s not like they’re “mislabeled” ;). I’ll explain the labels below:

I wish I were a tub: Junk I need to sort out.

Puter Crap: Basically exactly what it says, games, software, CDs, USBs, peripherals, etc, etc.

Medical Supplies: (In case of: medical emergency, apocolypse, boo boo’s, zombie invasion, and other non listed events) Has everything from band aids to heat packs and toiletries.

This tub feels so empty: An empty tub.

Art Crap: All of my art supplies.

I lost this tape for a whole week: Stuff I have to keep but can’t really sort. IE: Fabric and teddies.

BunnyRabbitSex Crap: Everything for my website, from merchandise to competition prizes.

And I almost died!: Stuff I have to sort through.

School Crap: all of my school assignments that I’m saving. I’m going to make a portfolio of the good ones so I can always look back :).

Fish Tank + Nintendo: Since I can’t use either in my new place yet, they’re both together in a box. Normally though, I’d have a fish tank box, and an electronics box, which would also fix the I almost died! box right up!

I REALLY LOVE THIS TAPE!/This label isn’t very helpful: Practically empty, this just has some things I need to ship to my mother. She’s too stingy to send me money 😉 (Kidding mum, I love you!)

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Adrian Malacoda
Adrian Malacoda
9 years ago

The empty tub looks lonely for some reason…

Walter Leeds
Walter Leeds
9 years ago

Looks good. Why is the Puter Crap upside-down? After looking at this it reminds me that I needs to get my apartment in order. Keep up the good work.


Walter Leeds
Walter Leeds
Reply to  Alundra
9 years ago

And here I was thinking that was so us folks on this end would be able to read it.

5 years ago

This is a hilarious approach to organizing. I would probably have more fun with cleaning stuff out if I had your sense of humor. I actually just cleaned out my closet a bit. I got rid of about ten hooded sweatshirts (because I used to think I couldn’t have enough), I replaced all of my metal hangers and organized my shirts on hangers by their color. Not an over-abundance of organizing, but it did free up some space. I have a huge organization problem in my kid’s rooms, you may have just given me a great solution! Wish me luck in getting them to go along with it. Thanks!

5 years ago

I’m loving the empty tub, I think that would make me smile a little every time I went into the closet 🙂 And I would definitely need something to make me smile after all of that organising. I am NOT a neat person!! Well actually, I like organising but I don’t like tidying. I’m the same as you in that I need to make a massive mess before I can start tidying up again- once I get started, every single thing is going to get pulled out and switched around and reboxed… but then I forget where everything is and remember why I hate it so much :p

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