About Jade and Jades-World

1610061_10154137424280377_747693583238183635_nHi! I’m Jade!

I run, design, and build websites. I’m addicted to TV and movies. I have massive Sim families. I love Pavlova. I Scrobble my music. I write poetry. I’m still a little afraid of the dark. My emails look like essays. I can’t wear socks that go above my ankles. I hate needles. I collect money boxes. I’m a tomboy. I wish my dad would make corn fritters again. I’m not the best at saving money. I lived in Germany for a year. I love Coldplay. I talk loudly. I wish I had toe shoes and socks. I love animals. I’m blunt. The first CD I owned was Powderfinger. Uncle Sam’s picture scares me. I secretly wish I could be more girly. I usually end up being the kettle. I love blue. I talk a lot. I get excited easily. I love writing essays. I quit Facebook gaming because they’re all the same. I love reading. I hate pink. I love flared pants so much. I run a non profit for creative people. I’m pursuing knowledge and a career in website development. I like to do things differently. I lived in America for 5 years. I abuse the privilege of using commas. I make my own smilies. I hate browser toolbars. I love colours. My poetry is almost always a message. I love big text, big headers and especially big footers. I wish I could write like my mother. I smile lots. I love stars. I secretly love pink too. My family is spread all around the world. My keyboard adds and omits spaces at will. I like trains. I’m just me, and that’s the way I like it.

10178054_10154137424130377_2852654621655191694_nWhat’s Jades-World?

In the beginning when I created Jades-World it was a Neopets fan site I built in my web design class. Because of my excruciating enthusiasm I was allowed to enter the class early, which explains the Neopets at least.

Shortly after taking the class I left the country and moved to Germany, and later the USA. With those moves my sites purpose and meaning changed and it became more self centered to keep my friends and family up to date and involved in my life (even though everyone knows we don’t have electricity in Australia).

My new self centered website had all of my funny adventures on it. I began to spend more time drawing and put my art work up. Later I developed a passion for writing and I began writing poetry and short stories. My poetry and art can still be found here.

In 2015 I realised that I had fallen out of love with it…since it became about me and my life I had taken everyone elses opinions on its design and content and catered to them….but none of them really spend time on my website (because Australia has no electricity) anyway, so I decided to put myself first. It’s my personal website and I’ve taken it back because I want to love it again!

10325303_10154137423875377_724121053566559701_nTell Me More!

My name’s Jade Elizabeth and I’m a business woman. I’ve studied multimedia, graphic design, and website development among other things that don’t come with paper certifications. I’m kind of a nerd and love coding, design, writing, and useless trivia. I own so many websites I’ve almost lost count…

Awesome Crazy is my first forum, which has roughly 300 members, 5,000 topics, and over 100,000 posts. Members think of it as a safe place where they can be themselves and always return to if they need to come home.

Creative Burrow is a non profit organisation I created for writers, and later expanded to include all creative people. It’s a cause I have dedicated my life to.

Next Level SMF is my managed SMF hosting business that provides more support than anywhere else and is the only host I know of that rewards clients for growth.