Contact Me There’s heaps you can do to help keep Alunnyville interesting, especially commenting and rating posts!

You can always suggest topics and spam me with general stuff too; I’m a friendly person who appreciates a laugh and learning something new so don’t be afraid to approach me!

Here’s some stuff I could use some help with, thanks for taking a squiz!

1. If you find an artist who’s underground or not well known (ie: not pop) let me know, I can put it up as a new find.
2. If you find a golden oldie, you can let me know about that too. Mostly, I look for pop or songs that made it into the top 40 of the charts at least ;).

1. I’m looking for sites with functional/stylish side bars. Double and single.
2. I’m looking for sites who have styled their HR’s (horizontal rules).
3. I’m looking for sites who have styled the bullet points on their lists.
4. I’m looking for sites which use custom fonts.
5. I’m looking for sites with unconventional scrolling, or who use scrolling as part of their design/function.
6. I’m looking for sites who have used CSS/HTML/ETC to style images.
7. I’m looking for sites that blow your mind, like the YouTube video (advertisement) that started moving all over the page and breaking the elements on it.
8. I’m looking for sites with unconventional or unique menus/navigation.
9. I’m looking for unique/different layouts.
10. SEND ME YOUR URL! Hell, send me your friends url, or your favourite sites url! I might find something I like and post about it!

1. You can always suggest a movie for me to watch, but no scary ones please!

1. Tutorials. For anything from tools to techniques, and especially comic related.
2. Showcases.

Anything Else
1. Funnies.
2. Comics.
3. Infographics.
4. Typography related stuff.
5. Advertising and Marketing related stuff.
6. Writing related stuff.

If you would like to send me a suggestion or help out with any of the above you’re more than welcome to post it as a comment šŸ™‚

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