Minecraft: Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Showcase

I asked members of the server to show me their lighting designs. Everyone joined in and came up with some, so have a squiz and let me know what you think!

The texture pack I use is an edited version of Soartex Fanver.

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It looks awesome! I wish I had the patience to build things as big and nice as this.


This looks great. It’s a pretty interesting take on lighting up indoor spaces. Personally, I like my lights off to the side or embedded in walls or alcoves, but I guess it’s all a matter of taste. Do you think that in a future update they’d add a light source like redstone wire? It’d be great to line the walls with some sort of glow-in-the-dark powdery substance. That kind of lighting won’t need to take up space, as it’s just stuck to other blocks. Also, It’d make great material to make ceiling constellations.