Minecraft: Nether Chickens

So I went into the nether and noticed there was a chicken there. When I turned around there were like 30 chickens! I know one of our server members, Adrian Malacoda, had a nether portal in reach of chickens…and since I pranked him and put about a gajillion chickens into his house which he let escape I knew there were chickens running around his property…

His portal and mine hook up to the same spot in the nether, and exit via a different portal in our village jail (no idea why) so I knew who was to blame….but I never expected the chickens to be able to make it through! 😉

The texture pack I use is an edited version of Soartex Fanver.

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Michael Besnard

oh thats funny, chickens in the nether, ChickenMen? new mob? lol XD

Well thats what happens when you prank someone now isn’t it 🙂


I can only imagine his face when he comes home to a flock of chickens from another dimension roosting in his beds XD